About Steve

14I think before we get to today, I’d like to go back to the beginning…

I really started DJ’ing age 14, I used to go to a youth group associated with my high school back in England in the early 80’s, one night the DJ didn’t show up and no one wanted to fill in, I offered and the rest is history!

My early influences came from a great source of music knowledge, my mum.

Mum to this day hardly watches TV, but constantly listens to the radio.

Every morning when me and my sister and brother got up for school, the radio in the kitchen was always on, and when we came home at night, it was still on.

Mum liked all kinds of music from classical, to big screen musicals, reggae to pop, so I got exposed to every type of music from being a very young age, and through this I gained an appreciation of them all.

clubdjSteve DJ in British NightclubshThroughout my teens and into my 20’s I DJ’d in England at nightclubs, pubs & bars, weddings, christenings, small venues with a hundred or so to large scale 2,000 plus guests, you name it, I did it!

Cruise Ship DJ At 23 an opportunity of a lifetime came along to work on cruise ships in the Caribbean, and I grabbed it with both hands.

I set sail entertaining thousands of passengers sailing around the islands on the ships of Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Holland America, Premier, Norwegian and many other fine cruise lines.

After leaving the cruise ships I stayed here in the USA, my new home, and began working my regular “Joe” job!

But, I still kept my DJ’ing flame lit, and continued collecting music and keeping up with what’s new and exciting, and here I am again.

I have spent half my life in the U.K. and half my life in the USA.

With knowledge now of both American and European tastes in music I am in a unique position to offer something a little different from the same old, same old.

I can be a jukebox and play non-stop music and use the microphone very little, or let me loose on the mic and I’ll entertain you all night, honestly, Its your party, I’m flexible and accommodating and at your command.

Whichever style you prefer, I never forget, I am not, nor never will be, the center of attraction, this is your time.

I specialize in music from the 60’s through the 2000’s but of course play music from today also.

I pride myself on being able to read a party and keep the good times going with a varied selection to please everyone.

Requests are ALWAYS welcomed and encouraged and believe I am the lucky one who has been graciously invited to your party and will do my very best to ensure we all have a memorable and fun event!


"I pride myself on being able to read a party and keep the good times going with a varied selection to please everyone!"

Steve Clark